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Children's Crystal Collection: Healing
Children's Crystal Collection: Healing

Children's Crystal Collection: Healing

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The Sleep Children's crystal collection was created by Stones by Lovechild, for children who have been unwell, suffering from allergies, viral infections, immune deficiencies or colds and flu's.This collection includes four stones:

Clear Quartz - The master healer. Stimulates the immune system. Regulates energy and balances the body. A powerful healing stone both physically and emotionally.

Aventurine - Used for its anti-inflammatory properties, Helpful for allergies, sinus, headaches and nausea. Brings emotional calm.

Amethyst - A powerful healing crystal, amethyst is a natural tranquiliser. Helps to boost the immune and nervous systems. Aids the healing of bacterial and viral infections.

Rose Rhodonite - A gentle and nurturing stone. Helpful for inflammation and autoimmune disorders. Brings about feelings of peacefulness and calmness.

Please note: Photos are an example only. Each Crystal is unique and will differ in colour and size. Each tumbled stone is roughly 2 - 3cm in size. All crystals contain tiny defects and slight imperfections, adding to their individual and unique beauty. These are part of the crystal in its natural state, and do not affect the integrity of the crystal.

Ages 3+