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Children's Crystal Collection: Calming
Children's Crystal Collection: Calming

Children's Crystal Collection: Calming

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The Calming Children's crystal collection was created by Stones by Lovechild, for children needing increased focus, attention and concentration. This collection includes four stones:

Smoky Citrine - The stress busting stone for children. Calming and soothing. A protective stone that removes negative energy. Helps boost self esteem and self confidence.

Tigers Eye - A grounding stone, releasing fear and anxiety. A stone of optimism and protection, bringing harmony and balance. Helpful with children learning to become emotionally, mentally, and spiritually strong.

Sodalite - The stone of harmony. A calming crystal for children that combats insomnia and boosts the immune system. Helps remove negativity and balances the emotions.

Rose Rhodonite - A gentle and nurturing stone. As a pink stone, Rhodonite is linked with the heart, and acts as an emotional balancer. Brings about feelings of calm, self worth and peacefulness. It heals emotional wounds and feelings of panic and unease.

All Stones by Lovechild crystal sets come with an instruction card, and the signature Lovechild pouch (pictured). This helps keep them safe and gives children somewhere special to keep their stones.

Please note: Photos are an example only. Each Crystal is unique and will differ in colour and size. Each tumbled stone is roughly 2 - 3cm in size. All crystals contain tiny defects and slight imperfections, adding to their individual and unique beauty. These are part of the crystal in its natural state, and do not affect the integrity of the crystal.

Ages 3+