About Us

Hi, I'm Katie!

I'm a mum of one, raising my little wild heart in regional Victoria, Australia. I am also the creator behind the children's activities, stories, resources and products you'll find at Wild Hearts Play.

Wild Hearts Play first began when my son was a toddler and I started sharing the activities I was creating for him on Instagram. This quickly led to me developing a bestselling collection of sensory playdough kits and a range of printable children's activities.

My business flourished and grew more quickly than I could ever have dreamed but by the end of 2019, I had become extremely burnt out by the labour intensive nature of hand making and shipping many hundreds of playdough kits every month. I realised I needed to take a step back to regroup.

Wild Hearts Play is now going through a period of transition, as I move away from creating playdough kits and onto new projects, but the heart of the business has not changed.

There are two fundamental beliefs at the core of Wild Hearts Play;

  1. That every child deserves a simple, happy childhood, filled with imaginative play and natural opportunities to learn.
  2. That the future of our world is lies in the hands of the babies at our feet, so it is essential we raise them to know, understand and care for the natural world around them.

With this in mind, every facet of Wild Hearts Play is inspired by the magic of childhood and the wonder of nature.

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Thank you so much for being here.

Katie xx