Little Possum Stays Home

Last week was meant to be my son’s 5th birthday party but, thanks to COVID-19, instead of spending the day eating cake with friends, we spent it alone trying to grapple with the news that in the next 48 hours Victoria will shut down all non-essential services. For families like ours that depend on casual work in the hospitality industry to pay the bills, this is scary. Really scary. 

So what did I do in the face of such a crisis?! I tucked myself in our wardrobe and I recorded an audio story about a little possum who stays home. Haha!

I wrote this story a couple of days ago for my little boy, trying to explore the themes of social distancing and isolation in a way that was gentle, warm and not scary. When I read it to my partner right after I wrote it he looked at me and said "You have to share this." I didn't think much of it at the time, but in the face of feeling such powerlessness, sharing this story at least feels like I am doing something, even if it's only something very small. It is my hope that this story might provide a speck of comfort and light for families like ours about to do it really tough.

You can download a print version of the story here or listen to an audio version here.

Please stay safe, friends. 

Katie xx